Places Where I’ve Been – 22 Gladstone Avenue

On Thursday 27th May, I took the train to Feltham, West London, to visit 22 Gladstone Avenue – the childhood home of Freddie Bulsara, later to find fame as one Freddie Mercury.

It was a sweltering afternoon by the time that I reached Feltham train station from my home in West Dorset, made only worse by the swarming crowds enjoying the newly relaxed travel restrictions.

Using my phone to navigate, I took a left at the train station, crossed the overhead bridge and made a diversion through the nearby Glebelands playing fields.

A few minutes later and I had reached surburban heights of Gladstone Avenue – a seemingly neverending row of identical semi-detached houses as far as they eye can see. Tere at number 22 was my destination!

There on the opposite side of the road I stopped for a few minutes to think about the life of the young man who once lived here. The boy who would later compose arguably the greatest Pop song of all time, who would lead an era-defining concert and after his tragic death, live in the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

I took a few snaps and then I was on my way back home, thankful to have paid my respects to one of my my musical heroes.